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Home Furnishing

We offer you an attractive range of home furnishing products .Choose from an array of bed, bath and kitchen linen, curtains, mats and cushions in contrasting shades to match the colour scheme of your home.

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  • Bed Linen

    Buy the bed linen of the best quality available that synchronizes with the ambiance and colour scheme of your bedroom, the one place where you can relax leaving all your tensions behind.Shop for all your bedroom linen at Minkshopee to get the best value for money.

  • Bath Linen

    Buy bath linen that is made of the finest and highest quality of materials for your bathroom so that it looks as beatutiful, clean and tidy as the rest of your home.Shop for al the bathroom linen you need for us , where we provide value for money.

  • Curtains & Accessories

    Beautiful curtains and unique accessories make your home fun and fabulous! Add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your pad, choose for a wide variety of curtains and accessories at incredible prices.

  • Mattresses

    Sleep is not to be compromised with, make sure when you lay in your mattress you forget all your worries and drift away to paradise ,our mattresses give you that kind of comfort.Shop for the most comfortable mattresses on Minkshopee at the best prices possible.

  • Cushions and Covers

    Cushions and covers are the perfect way to add fashion and style to your home while building an aesthetically sychronized theme , mix ,match and play with colours in order to create a bright and productive ambience.